Football betting is the act of guessing or predicting the score/outcome or winner of a football match. This act can either been done legally through a bookie privately run betting enterprises. Privately run football enterprises is the most common ways of betting, over time a lot of enterprises have sprung up with various promises of bonus. There is an endless list of betting markets that can be used online bothering on thousands. A betting market can be defined as the selection of odds on a particular betting enterprise or bookmark which can be employed to place a wager whenever a customer is interested. There are different and different wagering opportunities that can be employed in these betting markets. Listed below are some of the most common betting and wagering opportunities people like to explore.

1X2: this is a type of betting option or prediction in which you predict if the away or home team is going to win or there will be a draw score. In this type of bet, 1 means the home team win, X is for if there will be a draw and 2 means you choose the away team to win

Asian Handicap: this is used to predict that that the first half or beginning of the game, one of the teams will have a head start number of goals, this doesn’t necessarily mean the team becomes the final winner

At least a goal for each team: this bet is placed such that a person predicts that both teams will score in the match, he doesn’t have to predict the number of goals or when it will happen. The prediction becomes a win when both team score in the match

Draw no bet: in this case, you either predict the team who will eventually win the match or predict what the exact score will be, the best thing about this type of bet is that you get your wager money back of there is a draw. It simply means it ceases to be a bet

Over or Under: this betting opportunity is also very rewarding. All betting platforms have their own personal prediction with games. It works with predicting the score of the match and if it will be lower or higher than the production of the betting platforms.

First Goal Scorer: as the name signifies, you have to say the team you think are going to score the first goal, the bet is successful when you predict right

Half time/Full time: this type of betting option is self explanatory. You have to predict if at halftime, the home or away team wins or which team wins at the full time also.

Correct Score: this is one of the most rewarding football bet there is, you predict the exact score of the game and if you’re right, you win the bet, this is a winner takes all type of bet. You predict the exact score when the referee blows the whistle and you win the bet

Anytime goal scorer: you predict the exact player who is going to score a goal during the course of the match, more likely goal scorers have lower bets attached to them

These are some of the most common bet options available in the betting market. Betting can be lucrative if you have some luck in guessing some of these things